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COVID-19 impacts Machine Learning: how should we react?

Data is the new gold. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Data Science (DS) are the tools needed to extract it. AI, for its promise, is often rooted in solving the problems of today. But ML is built on learning from large data sets. So, what happens when a pandemic hits, financial crimes thrive, and...
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SMEs Market: Challengers are switching gears. What about banks?

Small Medium-size Enterprises (SMEs) represent the backbone of our economies. And yet, this market has been hugely underserved from a financial services point of view. Far from being left untapped, new alliances between challengers are starting to emerge to fill the SMEs’ most urgent, and yet unmet, requirements. Should...
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How Visa is pushing Open Banking boundaries and what we can learn from it

On the 3rd of February 2021, Visa announced its partnership with First Boulevard. First Boulevard are a digitally native neo-bank whose primary focus is to build generational wealth for members of the Black community. The initiative is part of Visa’s new cryptocurrency API pilot programme and marks the next phase of...
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Next gen cross-border payments focused on customer experience

A strong shift towards digitalization triggered by the outbreak of Covid-19 has enhanced the need for banks to improve the process of cross-border payments. Today’s customers require their international payments to be equally seamless as domestic transactions. To satisfy their needs, banks need to effectively compete in...
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