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Using big data to hunt down human traffickers.

We are proud to share that the RedCompass Labs RedFlag Accelerator, available via the Traffik Analysis Hub (TA Hub), was featured on CNN during the interview with Neil Giles, CEO of TA Hub. In this segment, Neil talks about how the richest store of data of human trafficking works and what purpose does it serve.
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6AMLD: The EU's crackdown on money laundering

The European Union is about to implement arguably the toughest measures it has ever put forward to deter money laundering. The 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directive, or 6AMLD, which will be written into national laws across the EU by December 2020, goes to the heart of AML by harmonising offences and toughening the...
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Why (and how) we help banks stop modern slavery: RedFlag Accelerator

Today, Tom Hewson, RedCompass Labs Senior Partner, talks about the journey the team took to  develop the RedCompass Labs RedFlag Accelerator, a consolidated and standardised toolkit that enables banks to accelerate the search of human trafficking traces in their organisations.  
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RedCompass joins the Traffik Analysis Hub

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