Podcast: Climb In Consulting with Tom Hewson

4 March 2021
1 min read time

What is the secret behind building a truly diverse team? Why following the money is never the right decision and how to cultivate happiness through finding your passion, whether that’s within consulting or outside of it? Listen to the interview with RedCompass Labs senior partner, Tom Hewson, where he shares some insights about his career journey.

Nick Synnott from Create Engage has recently invited our senior partner for an interview about his career in the financial services industry. Listen to this great conversation about Tom's unusual journey- from the early days in the music industry, to where he is today. 

Find out the best tips for giving back to your industry, the benefits of overinvesting in CSR and the return that RedCompass Labs have seen from our very own RedFlag Accelerator.

Listen to the episode now!

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